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Non-Invasive Diagnosis

Diagnosis of TMJ Disorder need not be invasive. By examining patient history, x-ray and MRI evaluation, mounted bite records and by performing Doppler auscultation, many problems can be properly diagnosed.

Doppler auscultation, as applied to internal derangements of the temporomandibular joint, is an exciting and accurate diagnostic modality. When applied carefully, the Doppler will yield highly reliable information about the status of the condyle-disc assembly and it will give us further clues as to the existence of other pathology such as perforations, joint space adhesions, and inflammation in the retrodiscal tissues. Because of the specificity of Doppler auscultation, one can further diagnose those displaced discs that may be ankylosed in a subluxed position. Furthermore, as the technique is applied to patients in follow-up evaluations, progression or regression of pathology within the joint can be determined with reliability.


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