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Piper Classification - Stage I

In a normal temporomandibular joint, there are tight collateral ligaments, and these ligaments bind the disc to the lateral and medial poles respectively. Collateral ligaments are functionally and structurally intact. The disc is postured so that the posterior band is just proximal to mid fossa. Retrodiscal attachment has a finite volume, and as the condyle is brought forward during translation, the retrodiscal attachment volume will expand through blood flow. As the condyle-disc assembly returns to centric relation, the retrodiscal attachment volume must increase in order to get completely out of the way of the disc and condyle. Pterygoid muscle can go to its full resting length when the condyle-disc assembly is fully seated in centric relation. The capsule will have normal volume and synovium will appropriately provide nutrition through the development of synovial fluid. Blood supply to the condylar head is uncompromised in the perimeter of the of the condyle. During translation, the disc stays in alignment between the condylar head and upper articular surfaces.


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