Course Description

Concepts of Foundational Occlusion


This course is an overview of the management of the temporomandibular joint. At least one third of the patients in an adult dental practice already has a TMJ problem, and it is estimated that upwards of twelve percent of peri pubertal children are also injured. Clinical Sciences lays the groundwork for understanding how to recognize patients with TMD before they become symptomatic, whether your practice focuses on orthodontics, restorative dentistry, or pain management. Topics will include an overview of masticatory system anatomy. Step by step guidance is given to know how to recognize symptomatic and asymptomatic patients. Oftentimes the initial clue that there is a joint problem is occlusal instability, and you will learn the exact way to approach an analysis of both the static and the dynamic occlusion. This fast paced program will give you all of the answers that you need to be able to treat these patients more confidently. After you complete Clinical Sciences you will have the necessary fundamentals to diagnose and manage the thirty-five percent of your patients with a foundational problem.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding occlusal “mysteries”
  • Introduction to Foundational Occlusion
  • Recognize Foundational Problems
  • Obtaining records and tests
  • Diagnosing with CBCT and MRI
  • Treating stable Foundations
  • Treating unstable Foundations
  • Customizing splint management
  • Introduction to Foundational dentistry


This is the recomended entry course to the PERC curriculum.

Target Audience:

General Dentists
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Dental Laboratory Technicians

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Instructors: Mark Piper MD, DMD

Dates: March 17-18 &
November 3-4 2022

Location: St. Petersburg, FL.

16 Credits
Fee: $2,750
Staff Fee: $600ea.

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